Turtle Theater in Auburndale

This Tuesday, February 2 at City Hall at 7:00, there is a critical meeting at City Hall regarding the proposed development at the Turtle Lane Theater in Auburndale which includes the construction of a state-of-the-art theater and to ask for your support for this project. A bullet point memo is attached to this message.

The developer has made substantial accommodations to the abutters, and while there is overwhelming support for the project, a small but vocal group of people remain adamantly opposed to the project. It is imperative to demonstrate community support for this project by emailing or calling aldermen before February 2, when the Land Use Committee will hold a hearing on whether to issue a special permit to allow the project to go forward. Aldermen need to know this project has wide community support.

If you email Linda Finucane lfinucane@newtonma.gov, she will forward your email to all the Aldermen.

Also, especially if you know them, write individual emails to, or call Ward 4 Aldermen:

asangiolo@newtonma.gov        Phone: (617) 969-0677

lgentile@newtonma.gov           Phone: (617) 527-5446

jharney@newtonma.gov           Phone: (617) 519-5133

Attending the hearing on February 2 is another action you can take. If you can speak at the hearing, that is a plus. It would need to be short (3 minutes max) and express your own reasons for supporting the project–you don’t need to be comprehensive.

Four historic West Newton homes up for demolition

Four historic homes on West Newton Hill are being considered for demolition. The homes are at 128 Chestnut, 219 Chestnut, 271 Chestnut, and 128 Highland Street.

If you want to get involved, write to Katy Holmes at the Newton Historical Commission (see link below) and/or attend the meeting of the Newton Historical Commission at 7 pm this Thursday in City Hall.