West Newton News

Apparently there  are 4 historic homes on West Newton Hill that are now up for demolition.

The homes are at 128 Chestnut, 219 Chestnut, 271 Chestnut, and 128 Highland Street.


I thought this could be of interest to some of the same neighbors who are supporting the beautification of the islands – I don’t know if there is a way to pass this information on.


People with comments should write to Katy Holmes from the Newton Historical Commission (see contact below),  and/or attend the meeting of the Newton Historical Commission at 7 pm this Thursday in City Hall (see agenda below).


Laura Foote (333 Otis St)


Here is a copy of the Agenda for the Newton Historical Commission.  The mansion at 128 Chestnut is listed as house #9.


The meeting is Thurs. Jan. 28 at 7 pm.

Katy Holmes who works for the City’s Historical Commissionkholmes@newton.ma.gov



Here is the Redfin link to the yellow Victorian.  It has lots of good photos.





The other houses are 219 and 271 Chestnut St. and 128 Highland St.