Neighborhood Partners

Island Insiders (donation of $2500 or more)

Cindy and Bob Laughrea

Susan and Chris Conkey

Bill and Annmarie Teuber

Rosemary and Adam Gold

Margaret Boasberg and Christopher Bierly


George and Holly Flesh

Island Onlookers (donation of $1000)

Melora and Andrew Balson

Ted and Claudia Rhuel

Shawna Slack

Deirdre and  Ed Heilbron

Dana and Jeff Davis

Carol Reichert and Jerry Shereda

Stephen and Kajy Vicinelli

Anonymous ($700.00)

Liz Charm and Richard Long

Ray and Sara Ahren

Laura and Mike Dreese

John and Lynn Reichenbach

Island Hoppers (donation of $500)  

Sarah & Steve Kish

Karen Ghiron and Robert Looney

Jennifer and Jeff Goldstein

Janet and Steve Clay

Lisa Resnek Wyett and Christopher A. Wyett

Jess and Jonathan Black

Suzanne and Andrew Winton

Kris and Terry Finn

Yael Kushner Heher and Eliot Heher

Joseph Allaire and Deborah Grady

Kate and Raleigh Shoemaker

Ian Waitz and Heidi Nepf

Peter McKelvey

Mandy and Jeff Bass

Paul Bleicher and Julia Greenstein

Island Buddies (donation of $100 to $499)

Archana and Peter Szpak

Sharon and Chris Brezski

Karen and Nathaniel Levy

Amir Konforty

Richard and Lynne Bail

Amy and Robert Harkins

Amram Shapiro and Rosalind Wright

Marcy and Marvin Davidson

Maureen Sullivan and Marc Resnick

Stella Lee

Emily O’Neil

Zeina and Pierre Kahhale

Audrey and Bruce Lampert

Candy and David Gould

Kym and Mark Williams

John Wolff and Helen Berger

Shawna Giggey Mashal and Robert Mashal

Gretchen and Peter Warren

Sarah Perry and Tony Kingsley

Masha and Maxim Boycko

Elli Crocker and John Morse

Barbara and Dick Camp

Amy and Ben Bloomstone

Andrea Mintz and Bob Fox

Elizabeth March and David Stein

Nancy Loughran

Laura and Nathaniel Foote

Jody Klein

Alex Temel and Jennifer Temel, MD

Madeline and Chuck Searle

Karen and Brian Conway

Sean O’Malley and Dao Yosit

Molly Doyle

Treff LaFleche

Lee Paul

Nancy Schon

Jean and Jim Wood

Heather Maffie

Gwen Bloch

Beth and Jeffrey Mendel

Ann Kurland

Danielle O’Connell

Paul Holtzman

Katie McEachern

Stephanie Boggs

Kevin and Rachel Conn

Beth and Bob Maloney

Karin and Tom Beecher

Lauren Rubin

Julia Burr

Alison May

Barbara and Keith Lietzke

Aimie and Rafe Anderson

Judy Selednick

Laura & Chuck O’Connor

Michael and Doris Boudens and Family

Paul Thompson

Suzi & Tom Wilder

John DeBairos and Carol Meyrowitz

Selina Pandolfi & Jon Auerbach

Island Blossoms (donation of up to $100)

Jan Mazzone

Sandra Marwill & James Jampel

Cynthia Lanciloti of Kraft Fine Homes

Roberta Martone Pavia and Russ Pavia

Mimi Tun and Malcolm Hodge

Catherine and Robert Gaudes

Trudy Good and Michael Pratt

Jill Litner Kaplan

Cathy Lee

Jake Auchincloss

Anne Waters

Faith Witte

Peter Gittleman

Alyssa Haywoode

Karyn Dean

Nancy Brown

Marian Dioguardi

Diane Mantak and John Bryer

Sallee and Nelson Lipshutz

Julia Bell