We are grateful for any donation, but we have created these guidelines to help you.

  • I can see the islands from my windows.
  • They are practically in my front yard.
  • The look of the islands may have an impact on the value of my property and its curb appeal.

You are an Island Insider. Suggested donation: $2500.00

  • I live down the street from the islands.
  • My children have climbed on “Dino rock” or tumbled in the crab grass.
  • An island transformation from barren to beautiful would enhance the quality of my life.

You are an Island Onlooker. Suggested donation: $1000.00

  • The islands are a corridor in my commute to work, when running errands, or dropping off my kids.
  • I frequently walk passed the islands with my dog, my spouse, or a friend.
  • I believe a brush with a beautiful garden encourages an optimistic outlook on life.

You are an Island Hopper. Suggested donation: $500.00

  • The islands on Forest Avenue are a mere speck in the landscape of my life.
  • I consider their poor appearance someone else’s problem.
  • But I am a good person and believe in the value of community effort.

You are an Island Buddy: Suggested donation: $100.00

  • At this time, I can’t afford to make a contribution or can make a small contribution.
  • But I’m able bodied and would like to help with planting this Spring.

You are an Island Blossom: We gratefully accept donations of under $100.00. We hope you can help us plant and maintain the gardens.

Please use the Donate button on our homepage or make checks payable to “Newton Garden Buds.”

c/o Dana Davis

41 Lenox Street

Newton, MA 02465

Thank you.






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