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How a garden can change your life

searchOn a fall afternoon, many years ago, a young man in West Newton took the hand of his girlfriend and suggested they go for a walk.  They stopped at the island on Chestnut Street and stood next to the bronze sculpture of a small, winged cherub perched atop of mass of calla lilies. While the young woman turned her head to watch the water pour down a calla lily draped over the cherub’s head, the man removed a small box from his jacket.

“Why did you bring me here?” the woman asked, turning back to him.

“I wanted to take you to the most beautiful place in West Newton to give you this,” he said. He opened the box where a lustrous ring sat on red velvet.

Over the years, the garden deteriorated, and vandals damaged the sculpture. Through the work of a group of dedicated volunteers called Friends of the Fountain, the garden and sculpture were restored. In 1995, at the opening ceremony, an elderly man thanked a fountain friend and told him it meant so much that the garden and fountain had been restored. “Many years ago,” the man said, “I was engaged on this island.”

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Newton Garden Budscropped-tulippinktoo.jpg